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Adventures in the Realm of the Unknown

Uncensored for Her Pleasure

Los Angeles
After several failed back alley abortion attempts Ms. McGoverner reluctantly gave birth to her 8th son the bastard child of a G.I. on holiday on a beach in South East Asia. Exclaiming "Damn you Joe, you go now, you no bring nothing' but bad luck" she tossed the small child into the sea. Dolphins carried the boy out into ocean where good luck smiled upon the boy and a nefarious bunch of Philippine pirates found him, brought him aboard and allowed the ship's dog, Woofles to nurse the child back to health. Sold into white slavery the young lad spent his early years acting as the personal ottoman of a wealthy Turk who made his fortune selling candles made out of the fat of Christian babies to vacationing Jews. Thus began the strange and wonderful journey of Jdubbs.