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Adventures in the Realm of the Unknown

Sep. 6th, 2006

04:53 pm

Who likes beer? I like beer! Beer is good. It is also food. No, I haven't been drinking. Thanx for asking, I totally understand.

Jul. 20th, 2006

01:15 am

Ahhh! I was lored by the flashy covering of the "free upgrade." But the inside is rotten. There are now ads on the side of my journal. I want to downgrade now. But it's not an option.

01:08 am - Zardoz (1974)

Oh Zardoz, what can be said of you, my stony Prometheus, that hasn't already been said? It's a movie about a giant floating head that hates penises, tells people to kill other people and spits guns out for them to do it. Sean Connery, the leader of the millenarian death cult that worships said idol, has a crisis of faith and climbs up into the mouth were a few people are kept in plastic (I suppose to keep them fresh? Details are a little fuzzy on this one) and confronts his supposed maker. All this in the first 10 minutes. Let me tell you, folks, the futures looking pretty bright, the barbarians are the only ones with guns but no one's wearing that many clothes. It would seem to me that in the 23rd century global warming has made wearing shirts obsolete and forced people to wear tights, catsuits, leotards and little else. I think the stoners refer to this one as a "blaze and gaze." Proceed with caution but still highly recommended.

Our stoney anit-hero on his way to Trader Joes for some Two Buck Chuck.

Jun. 6th, 2006

06:03 pm - La Vida Loca

Location: Echo Park
Time: 12:30am

Okay, so I went to play some pool with Nick the other night. We were at Short Stop and decided to go to
Little Joy, which is ALWAYS a bad idea. But tonight it was gonna be an even worse idea...

So we head down and Nick lights up a smoke(I quit by the way) and we are standing outside Little joy and
this Longhaired dandy is shooting off his mouth. Screaming fuck this if they wanna start shit with
me... blah blah blah. So we're just standing there watching this guy go off and his friends finally
gather him up and walk him to his car. all of a sudden at top speed flying down from the hills is a
goon squad of the most stereotypical Eses ever. shorts, socks pulled up, teardrop tattoo, etc...
Everybody clears out and starts running. Nick and me stand there, cause I'm thinking:

1) If I run then there’s a better chance they think I have something to do with what is going on, the age-old battle between predator and prey, play dead, cause if you flee you’ll be pursued.

2) I wanna see how this ends.

So these dudes come flying over to us and seeing that we aren't running scared shitless figure we aren't the
ones they're looking for. The head goon looks at me and says "where are the guys who disrespected the
lady." I have a moment to react cause they just want to smash someone and if you don’t say something quick that someone will be you. So I say "thatta way" and point up the hill. Nick follows through with the same in time. They take off run across the street go up to the first longhair they see and knock him clear across the street. Now mind you the perpetrator of the offense was in a car about 20 ft from where his buddy just got floored. He stayed within the safety of the vehicle. But then it gets worse... The sound of cold steel against concrete. The head goon pulls a knife. I'm thinking "fuck I'm gonna be witness to a gansta murder.”
But the kid just takes off. and as soon as they came they were outta there and disappeared into the night
over the hill from which they came.


Jun. 5th, 2006

12:01 pm - Left of Josef Stalin

Who knew? Afterall an internet quiz is a true indicator of who you are.

You are a

Social Liberal
(73% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(16% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

May. 12th, 2006

05:25 pm - Red Rum! Red Vodka! or Mmmmm... that's good cynicism

I have this commie friend who I was having a disccussion with. Well I have was having the discussion he was name calling and being dissmissive, ya know cause they know better and you're just a big dupe. So i posted a comment on his myspace page that was harmless enough related to our talk and in true commie fascism errr... fashion he pulled the comment on his page I left cause it didn't fall along party lines. So I improvised this little ditty and left it on his page. Maybe I have a calling as a protest singer?

In celebration of the marketplace of ideas, I submit
this little Phil Ochs via John Prine inspired folk song, its a
cautionary tale. I know it needs some work, but not
bad if I do say so myself for off the cuff:

We’re the children of the bourgeoisie and the intellectual class
We’ll use the workers to our own ends and then we'll kick their ass
So come on join the Great Leap Forward, be careful not to fall
Grab your favorite spray can and paint slogans on the wall

Red lies! Red lies! We’ll promise you the skies!
We’ll take power in a plot and then deliver not!
Red lies! Red lies! It’s us you won’t deny
It’s for your own good because we’re smarter then you guys!

We got a Five Year Plan that is unlike any other
It involves forced labor in Siberia and turning in your mother
So grab your hammer and your sickle and knock down that church steeple
Be sure that you’re on board or are you an enemy of the people


Everyones come to the Party, Stalin and Mao are looking hot
Over there is comrade Lenin and look he’s brought Pol Pot!
So pass the chips and dip because they won’t last very long
Once we free you from your chains we got a new set for you to try on.


Current Mood: accomplished

May. 8th, 2006

12:27 pm - Lip service to a budding revolution

Although I have no proof other then the empirical, a revolution has started. And I believe that I may be an unwitting accomplice on the vanguard of said revolution. Since I arrived at my new job with my stache 3 weeks ago, 2 dudes have since mustered the courage to follow course and have altered already existing facial fuzz or grown one from scratch. One cut the bottom off his goatee therefore liberating his upper lip from the oppression of chin hair. The other, over the weekend came in with a well developed stache-soul patch combo that had me in mind-numbing awe at how quickly it developed. We looked at each other and smiled with a sense of acknowledgement that we are both part of a secret forgotten brotherhood. And the hope of a third fellow is on his way, I sense the cautious excitement on his face as it is still in it’s embryonic stage but the lip follicles will no longer live a life of quiet desperation, they are screaming to be heard.

Though I initially feared that the attentions of the female persuasion would decline in proportion to the rate of stache growth, quite the opposite has occurred. Several FYTs (fine young thangs) have turned an eye and tossed a coy little smile my way. Therefore reinforcing my belief that the slightly trashy yet sleazy Elektra sexy and overtly manly mustache is ready for a comeback.

I attribute this phenomenon to the debonair (and slightly Ellis Island immigration chic) good looks that accompany a well-groomed push broom as well as a backlash to the sensitive boyish fop look that have inspired a revival in the upper lip revolution. These are uncertain times that no longer coddle to flip-flop androgyny, more then ever we require the confidence, security and comfort that only an unambiguous mustache can provide. We join the ranks of such great staches as Edgar Allan Poe, Groucho Marx, Frida Kahlo, and Charles Bronson, just to name a few.

Though the movement is still in it’s infancy the revolution will go forward. No, my friends the stache will no longer be regulated to the domain of gays, pubescent boys and old Italian grandmothers. It will once again been freed from it’s campy chains and rightly restored to it’s proper place as the crowning achievement of exaggerated heterosexual machismo.

So all you haters and detractors beware!

We’re here, we have lip hair, get use to it!

Apr. 1st, 2006

08:01 pm - Movie minutes with your pal foot-foot

All right so I've seen a fuck load of fantastic movies recently that has really made me regain my faith in the industry:

Hills Have Eyes - brutal, like crazy brutal, like watching daddy immolate brutal. A perfect first date movie if you're Travis Bickle.

Thank You for Smoking - wickedly awesome subversive satire that's wrongly accused as pro-smoking by dim wits.

Brick - sweet stylish noir with a sense of humor set in high school, great use of sound, dialogue gets in the way at times but boy, did that kid from 3rd Rock grow up.

V for Vendetta - It's a feel good movie and I love those. It makes you feel good again about violence against the government. It's about time we put our fear of terrorism behind us and use it as a cornerstone to build a humane and just society. Gotta break a couple heads if you want an omlette

Slither - 80s throwback gross-out filled with Lovecraftian abominations that will have you screaming at the Cyclopean horrors that inhabit our universe, sooooo good.

CSA: Confederate States of the Union - What woulda happened if the South won the war? Go with a slave errr... ummm... an African American friend so he can punch you in your face afterwards.

A shout out to Amanda and Mac which between the two of them I've seen 5 out of 6 with.

Mar. 23rd, 2006

09:27 am - A Proper Gentlemen

On his most recent long player, Cole's Corner, Richard Hawley sings “I’ve slipped into the past.” Grab your girl and hold her tight she’ll be your life preserver on a voyage transcending musical time and space. Working through the idiom of 50’s rock n’roll and channeling the spirit of Roy Orbison via Scott Walker, Richard Hawley blends orchestral Americana filtered through English sensibilities evoking swirls of nostalgia for lost love with lush guitars that cascade sonic showers onto romantic losers hopelessly adrift in the sea of heartbreak. Skillfully avoiding derivative rehashing he treads new musical territory with a Sun Records approach that would make Sam Philips jump from his grave on the first chord. Richard hit the Knitting Factory the other night. If you made it there count yourself lucky. Richard is only making 4 US appearances, ironically because of his fear of America, let’s just be glad he doesn’t fear American music.

Mar. 2nd, 2006

12:19 am

When the normalcy of life is interrupted, be it by death, illness or other tragedy we spend the time afterwards trying to regain how it was before not realizing that it will never be the same. As if losing a limb and hoping it will regenerate into another limb but all the while all that is left is a phantom limb of how we once were. It is this realization that we must come to grips with, that we have changed for better or for worse, but it will never be the same as it once was.

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